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After death - a doctor should be called initially when a death has occurred. If the death was expected and the doctor is certain of the cause of death he/she will issue a medical certificate stating the cause of death.

• The full name, occupation, postal address and date of birth of the deceased

• Details of widow/widower including occupation

• Full name and occupation of deceased parents

• The name and address of the deceased's own doctor

All deaths occurring in Scotland must be registered by a registrar of births, deaths and marriages within 8 days of their occurrence; however it is desirable to have the death registered as soon as possible. A death must be registered before cremation or burial can take place.

Particulars required

Registration of death

If the death is unexpected the family doctor and the police should be informed. Once the police are informed the case will become the responsibility of the procurator fiscal.

Unexpected death

Place of registration

Registration of a death that has occurred in Scotland can now be registered at any registrar’s office in Scotland.

Documents required

• The medical certificate of the cause of death

• The deceased's National Health Service medical card

• Marriage certificate and birth certificate

• Any pension book, certificate, or documents relating to any pension or allowances

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