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If you're claiming certain benefits, you may find you qualify for financial assistance when planning a funeral. Funeral benefits don't always cover the full cost of the proceedings, but can alleviate the financial strain.

 •  Income support

 •  Council tax benefit

 •  Housing benefit

 •  Working family tax credit allowance

 •  Disability working allowance

 •  Job seekers allowance

In order to access funeral benefits, you need a green BD8 form, the death certificate, a social fund SF 200 claim form, and proof of your benefits. If you'd like to know more about the claims process, get in touch.

Who qualifies?

Funeral benefits

Ideally you will lodge the funeral financial assistance claim as soon as possible after the death. However, you can make it within three months of the death occurring.

Lodging your funeral financial assistance claim

Want to know more about social security benefits?


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